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What does the Jasper Community Team do?
The Jasper Community Team (JCT) is a function of the Community and Family Services (CFS) department of the Municipality of Jasper. 

The JCT is a forum to take collective action in response to issues and trends identified at Collaborative Action Team (CAT) sessions. 

Every month, participants of the Jasper Community Team attend CATs, of which there are four, each focused on a specific age group:

1) Early Childhood CAT
2) School-Age CAT
3) Adult CAT
4) Senior CAT

An example of the JCT's work is the Community Dinner program.
Over a decade ago, it was identified at a CAT session that Marmot Basin staff were struggling because the snow didn't fly, leaving the ski hill unable to open on time. This unforeseen situation resulted in an urgent social issue identified by participants of the JCT. In response, the Community Dinner program was created to ensure those young adults who were waiting for their jobs to begin received at least one warm, healthy meal a week. 

History of the JCT

In the 1990s, Jasper didn't have access to the same human services available to people in larger centres. Recognizing this, Jasperites from all sectors (private, public, non-governmental organizations) got together to come up with a solution. 

The Jasper Community Team formed in 1995, recognizing that social issues require a coordinated community response. People then worked together to pool resources and integrate human services in the community so individuals and families would have the supports they needed to thrive. 

Community Outreach Services (COS) is the result of that initial collaboration. COS is a one-stop-shop where anyone in Jasper can receive free, confidential, non-judgmental support and referral for almost any issue. COS is unique to our community. Many small towns don't have nearly the resources that we have at COS. This unique, made-in-Jasper model of human service delivery is now emulated across the province.

"I am just so happy that the community has the resources to help me like it did. Nowhere else in Alberta or British Columbia did I get the knowledge and support that I did in Jasper." - COS Client

​Initiatives of the JCT

  • The Diversity Project
  • The Community Dinner Program
  • The Wilderness Access Program
  • The Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse
  • Santas Anonymous
  • The Caring Community Fund
  • The Child and Youth Participation Fund
  • Community Outreach Services
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The Jasper Community Team Society

The Jasper Community Team Society is a registered non-profit organization.

The Society fundraises to support special projects that address issues and trends identified by participants of the Jasper Community Team.

Just like any non-profit, the JCT Society has an Executive Board of Directors who help to guide the Society's work. The JCT Society is governed by policies and bylaws, which are available below:

​Join the conversation - become a part of the JCT

All are welcome to participate in any or all of Jasper Community Team's community conversations.

Collaborative Action Team Sessions

At the CATs, participants are invited to identify social issues and trends and to collaborate to come up with solutions, provide mutual support and take action. CAT sessions are facilitated and notes from each session are distributed to participants each month.

Jasper Community Team Executive Board

Joining the Executive Board of Directors is another way to volunteer with the JCT (through the Society). You can find the Jasper Community Team office at 627 Patricia St., housed within the Community and Family Services department of the Municipality.

For more information about the JCT, CATs or the Executive Board, contact Lisa Riddell, Community Development Specialist, at 780-852-6540 or lriddell@town.jasper.ab.ca.