Pet Licenses

Bylaw Regulations
As per the Jasper Domestic Animal Bylaw (PDF), all dogs and cats must be licensed annually in the town of Jasper.

Purchasing a License
Licenses can be purchased at the Town Administration Office located at 303 Pyramid Lake Road.

Purpose of the Licenses

  • Allow the Bylaw Enforcement Unit to track down pet owners when their animal become lost or at large in the community
  • Facilitate the enforcement of the Dangerous Dogs Act
  • Provide contact information to advise pet owners in case of an outbreak of rabies
  • Help offset the cost of administrating and operating the kennel and other domestic animal services provided by the Municipality

Annual License Fees

Type Fee
Neutered or Spayed Dog
Non-Neutered or Spayed Dog
Restricted Dog
Neutered or Spayed Cat
Non-Neutered or Spayed Cat
Yearly License Tag
The fine for having an unlicensed domestic animal is $100.