Bylaws of Interest

Overview of Regulations
Anti-Idling Bylaw (PDF)
- Turn off your vehicle if you are not driving.
- You may run your vehicle long enough to defrost the windshield.
Vehicles may idle if they are "working," which includes emergency vehicles and refrigeration vehicles.
- The fine for idling is $100.
Conduct in Public Places Bylaw (PDF)
- Yelling, screaming profanities, and fighting in a public place are not allowed.
Domestic Animal Bylaw (PDF)
- All dogs and cats require an annual license.
- Clean up after your dog. Scoop the poop!
- Dogs must be kept on a leash.
- Do not let your animal be a public nuisance by barking or howling and disturbing others.
Noise Bylaw (PDF)
- You cannot disturb the peace of your neighbour.
Nuisance Bylaw (PDF)
- Nuisance means any condition on property that is untidy, unsightly, and dangerous to health or which interferes with the use or enjoyment of other lands. For instance, a yard that is full of wrecked or dismantled vehicles, trade waste, tall and uncut weeds interferes with the neighbour's enjoyment of their own property.
Off-Site Levies Bylaw (PDF)
- Off-site levies are fees that must be paid to the Municipality of Jasper for new developments or building renovations to help pay for increased demands on municipal water and sewer systems.
Smoking Control Bylaw (PDF)
- Smoking is not permitted in bars, restaurants, retail, or commercial outlets, or public buildings.
- Smoking is not permitted in outdoor cafes or in taxis or buses.
Solid Waste Bylaw (PDF)
- Illegal dumping includes leaving unwanted furniture by residential garbage bins.
Traffic Bylaw (PDF)
- Cyclists must obey the rules of the road.
- Cyclists cannot ride their bikes on the sidewalk.
- Skateboarding and rollerblading are not permitted in the Central Business District.
- Pedestrians have the right of way.