Shaw Go WiFi Project

In the fall of 2014, Shaw approached the Municipality of Jasper to consider entering into an agreement to provide free WiFi in the community. In February 2015, Council directed administration to conduct a public engagement initiative to obtain public feedback on the project.

A 2-stage report, highlighting the engagement results and answers to questions raised by residents is now available. Council will make a decision on the project at the Tuesday, May 19 regular meeting.

Current Project Status

Earlier this spring, the Municipality conducted a public engagement initiative to gather feedback on the Shaw Go WiFi proposal. At the May 19 meeting, Mayor and Council will vote to approve, amend or reject the following recommendation:
That Council direct Administration to enter into an agreement with Shaw to provide free WiFi in Jasper, and limit the opportunity for Shaw to install WiFi emitters in Municipal Facilities only, for the first approval on locations.

Residents and business owners raised several concerns about the project, leading Administration to believe further engagement is required prior to approving more locations for WiFi emitters.


Get Involved
Mayor and Council would like to hear from community members before considering an agreement with Shaw for the provision of free WiFi in Jasper. Shaw is proposing to install wireless signal emitters on municipal infrastructure, in locations approved by the Municipality.

Your comments will be recorded in an online survey and reviewed by Mayor and Council prior to making a decision on Shaw's proposal at a public Council meeting.

If your comments won't fit in a box, please forward your concerns in writing to Christine Nadon by email or call 780-852-4724 to discuss the Shaw Go WiFi proposal.

The level of this public engagement initiative is the Consult level. View the Public Engagement Levels Flow Chart (JPEG) to learn more about the levels of engagement.

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