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July 30, 2018 10:32 AM

Small fire near Wabasso Lake

2:15 pm: The small wildfire near Wabasso Lake is not expected to spread beyond the initial 0.2 hectares burned. Crews are on the ground making good progress on extinguishing the fire and a helicopter is bucketing water from the nearby lake. This fire is contained and does not pose a risk to people or assets.

9:30 am: Jasper National Park is responding to very small fire near Wabasso Lake. At this time there is no risk to infrastructure or safety and no actions need to be taken by the public. The fire is approximately 0.2 hectares in size, roughly the size of a Canadian Football League end zone. It is located close to the water. Our emergency responders are on site this morning with helicopter support. Additional resources and another initial attack crew is on the way. JNP will provide an update early this afternoon.

Visit the Jasper National Park website for updates.

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