Posted on: June 14, 2017

Festival site selected for Stage 1 of the Tour of Alberta


June 14, 2017 

Media Release 

The Jasper Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is excited to announce that on Sept. 1 the 2017 ATB Tour of Alberta festival will be hosted at Robson Park, adjacent to the Jasper Library and Cultural Centre. 

Robson Park offers a central location, an opportunity to showcase Jasper’s new library and cultural centre and a place to host a full-fledged festival, including commercial activity on public lands. 

"Robson Park will offer a great experience for visitors and locals alike," stated Heather Blouin, co-chair of the Jasper LOC, noting that the LOC put a significant amount of thought into the selection of Robson Park as the festival site and start line for the race. 

"We are very proud of the collaborative effort that went into selecting the site," added Christine Nadon, co-chair of the LOC. "We considered everything from hosting the event outside of the townsite to using the information centre lawn again, but ultimately we felt Robson Park best met our needs." 

The LOC’s Business Liaison Director Hana Dankov-Bye worked closely with the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Jasper and business owners to gather feedback on the proposed festival locations. 

"Business buy-in is critical and is what will make the event the best it can be," stated Dankov-Bye. "We’re really trying to make this a community event and now is the time for businesses to get involved. Now that we’ve picked our festival site, we will focus on getting people excited for the Tour, whether they decorate their businesses, sponsor the event or decide to have a booth at the festival." 

With a Robson Park festival site, there will be limited road closures on Elm Avenue and Robson Street starting on Aug. 31. The closures will expand to include Geikie Street (on either side of Elm Avenue) on Sept. 1. There will also be a short rolling closure as the racers depart the townsite at approximately 10:30am Friday morning. Expected road closures, as well as parking restrictions, will be firmed up in the next few weeks and will then be communicated to affected residents and the community. 

"The racers will be on their way and outside the townsite before mid-day, alleviating delays and concerns for visitors travelling to Jasper on the Friday evening of the long weekend," stated Nadon. "The LOC has worked closely with the Tour of Alberta in an effort to find the balance between hosting an exceptional event and yielding the most benefit for the community, and I think we’re on our way to doing just that." 

BACKGROUND: Stage 1 of the Tour of Alberta takes place on Sept. 1 beginning in the Jasper townsite and ending with a spectacular mountaintop finish at Marmot Basin. Reaching 47 million viewers in more than 160 countries around the world, the race broadcast will showcase the cycling and visitor opportunities available in Jasper National Park. The earned media value of previous editions of the Tour has been estimated at more than $30 million—a return on community investment otherwise unattainable in our small community. This is Jasper’s second time welcoming the Tour, having hosted two stages of the international bike race in 2015. 


For media inquiries, contact:
Nicole Veerman, Jasper LOC Communications Director
780-852-8524, nveerman@town.jasper.ab.ca 

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