Community & Family Services

Jasper's Community and Family Services department includes Community Outreach Services and Wildflowers Childcare.

Community Outreach Services (COS)
Located in the centre of town at 627 Patricia St., COS offers healthy, balanced lifestyle options, recreational community programming and confidential, non-judgmental support for all ages in Jasper.
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Wildflowers Childcare
The centre offers accessible, inclusive, affordable, quality childcare and out of school care services for all. Wildflowers is a product of intersectoral collaboration and provides high quality early learning and care in the community.
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The Jasper Community Team (JCT)
The Team plays an important part in Jasper's unique model of human service delivery. The JCT facilitates collaboration and a pooling of resources among agencies, individuals and businesses in the community, the result of which is a consistent and meaningful one-stop-shop style of service delivery that is accessible to everyone.
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