Bookings & Payment

Wildflowers childcare operates on a pre-booking basis. Parents and/or Guardians of children who have accepted a full-time space or who are already attending on a full-time basis are required to give the Centre a written notice of intent to terminate attendance 30 days prior to the stated termination date to avoid a one month non-refundable penalty equal to the current full-time fee.

Payment Process
All fees are invoiced at the beginning of the month and due within 30 days. Payments can be made online, through pre-authorized credit card payment (click here for a form), and at the town administration office attached to the activity centre. All accounts unpaid after the due date will be charged interest at the rate of two percent (2%) per month (26.82% per annum) as per the Municipality Accounts Receivable policy.

Alberta Childcare Subsidy
Alberta Childcare Subsidy is available to qualifying families. For information and to apply please visit the
Childcare Subsidy page and follow the prompts. If you would like assistance with this process, contact Community Outreach Services by email or at 780-852-2100. They can make arrangements to assist you with the process.

Calculating Costs
Parents are provided with calendars to fill out every month. These calendars show what each child's care requirements are for that month and help to calculate an amount owing for those in a shared space situation. For more information about space sharing, click
*If you use more hours on a particular day than you have booked, you will be billed $10 per additional hour for every hour or portion thereof.

Instructions: If you're filling out a calendar via web, and wish to email it in, please make sure to save the file (with your child's information) and then re-attached the file to an email.