Roads & Streets

The Municipality of Jasper sweeps streets to clear gravel, dirt, sand and debris from the roads. This keeps the dust levels down but also supports our storm drains system clean. 

Street Sweeping Schedule

new street sweeping map (002)

Duties & Responsibilities
The Municipality of Jasper maintains street and roads within the town boundary. Service standards for snow removal, street cleaning, road maintenance, and sidewalk clearing are defined in Policy F-009: Service Standards (PDF).
Construction crew digging a hole
High Load Vehicles
If you are bringing a vehicle with a high load into Jasper, you are required to contact Jasper Bylaw Services to apply for a permit. For more information, please review Jasper Town Entrance Clearance Heights (PDF).

Street Addressing Improvements

In 2011,  Jasper Municipal Council implemented street addressing changes to eliminate confusion with overlapping street names and inconsistent numbering. This allows emergency responders to locate addresses faster and enhancing wayfinding in our community. Visit the Street Address Changes page for details.