Environmental Stewardship

Model Green Community
The community of Jasper is located in Jasper National Park - the largest Canadian Rocky Mountain National Park, and part of a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is Environmental Stewardship?

Environmental stewardship is an ethic which embodies cooperative planning and management of our resources. Environmental stewardship inspires communities to actively engage and allows us to recognize that we are all caretakers of the environment and economy for the benefit of present and future generations.

Environmental stewardship allows us to balance the impacts of our decisions today with the needs of future generations – this ethic also includes safeguarding the health of resources such as water, air, soil and species biodiversity.

Current Priorities

  • Waste management and diversion
  • Recycling, composting and reuse 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Community resources for sustainable practices 
  • Public outreach and education

About the Program

The Municipality of Jasper is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and stewardship in Jasper. Given our location in a national park, the Municipality of Jasper works toward becoming a model green community which embraces environmental stewardship through:
  • Promoting cooperative planning and management of our resources
  • Inspiring community members to actively engage in environmental responsibility processes
  • Balancing impacts of our actions today for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Safeguarding resources such as water, air, soil and species biodiversity.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Environmental Stewardship Coordinator works to:
  • Direct the development and implementation of programs that demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability consistent with strategies and goals identified in the Jasper Community Sustainability Plan, and
  • Establish short and long term strategic goals and actions for the Municipality of Jasper to direct their work towards a high level of environmental performance.