The Municipality of Jasper operates the recycling stations located at the Activity Centre parking lot and S-Block. 

Acceptable Materials

  • Beverage containers
  • Boxboard (cereal, shoe, cracker, tissue boxes)
  • Cardboard (all boxes, egg cartons)
  • Glass
  • Metals (clean tin cans, aluminum trays)
  • Paper and newsprint
  • Plastic (see below)
  • Small household batteries
MOJ Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling in Jasper, AB

Once you place your approved plastics in municipal bins, the Municipality of Jasper goes to market to find buyers for our recyclables. The market is constantly changing and so is the end-of-life destination for Jasper’s waste. The Municipality of Jasper is committed to finding responsible and sustainable options for recyclables collected at our recycling stations.

Did you know?

Since the summer of 2019, Jasper’s plastic is being shipped to southern Alberta to be ground up, melted down and transformed into everyday-use items like park benches, fence posts and parking curbs. This arrangement has allowed the Municipality to accept different kinds of plastic than we did before. If the market changes, the types of plastic we accept at recycling stations will also change.

Shopping Tips

Reducing plastic usage is the most sustainable way to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Choose items that have less plastic packaging.
  • Bring reusable checkout and produce bags.
  • Look for #1, #2 and #5 plastic when you purchase food and household items. These plastics are the easiest to recycle.

Questions about recycling?

Contact the Operations Department at 780-852-3040

Commercial Cardboard Drop-Off

Businesses can bring loads of cardboard directly to the Operations Building located at 3 Compound Road in Jasper (east bay door). Mixed paper, shredded paper, and newspaper are also accepted.

Cardboard board may be dropped off between 1 to 4 p.m. every day. Please do not dump cardboard outside of business hours. Cardboard boxes do not have to be broken down if you take advantage of the public hours of operation.