Environmental Stewardship
Environmental stewardship is an ethic or a paradigm which embodies cooperative planning and management of our resources. Environmental stewardship inspires communities to actively engage and allows us to recognize that we are all caretakers of the environment and economy for the benefit of present and future generations.

Environmental stewardship allows us to balance the impacts of our decisions today with the needs of future generations – this ethic also includes safeguarding the health of resources such as water, air, soil and species biodiversity.

Vision of Jasper

The Municipality of Jasper vision statement states, "Jasper is a leader in sound environmental practices."

Residents and visitors respect the inherent value of Jasper National Park and accept and honour their environmental responsibilities.

Purpose of the Program
To this end, the Municipality of Jasper and Jasper National Park, recognizing their common interest in promoting environmental sustainability and stewardship in Jasper, have established the Environmental Stewardship program.

The Municipality of Jasper strives to be a leader in sound environmental practices. The Environmental Stewardship Coordinator moves the municipality forward with programming and public awareness initiatives to continually improve environmental sustainability in Jasper.

Working in partnership with Parks Canada, the Municipality operates in a manner to ensure ecological integrity of the park for future generations.