Jasper Community Housing Corporation


Affordable, comfortable accommodation is vital to the long term sustainability and vitality of the community and its residents. Affordable housing attracts skilled and energetic workers, and encourages young families to make Jasper their home. They, in turn, become the stable, knowledgeable workforce vital to the prosperity of our community. 

Eligible Residency Requirements

In order to live in Jasper residents must meet Parks Canada's eligible residency requirements
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Looking for Housing?
Visit the Looking for Housing page for information on national park residency requirements and where to find listings.

JCHC Overview

The Jasper Community Housing Corporation (JCHC) is a wholly owned not-for-profit corporation of the Municipality of Jasper. The JCHC was incorporated in July 2007 and began operations with a five-person Board of Directors in February 2009. Board members are appointed by municipal Council, and the Chairperson of the board is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality. Two councillors and two residents of the Municipality of Jasper also sit on the board.