Fire Prevention Evaluation Inspections

Purpose of Inspections
If you are a business in Jasper do you require an inspection of your premises? Yes. All businesses and the building they are operating from are required to have an inspection. The basis to the inspection is to make sure that the fire code is adhered to and to ensure the safety of not only the customers, the staff, mangers, and the owners of the business and the building.

Fire Code Benefits

The fire code deals with life safety of not only those fleeing the building in an emergency, but also the safety of the fire fighters who are entering the building to mitigate the event.

If the building is designed, built, and maintained as it is supposed to, it should provide for prevention, early detection, some initial method of fire protection, (manual or automatic) a clear route of escape should it be necessary and some form of partitioning, to decrease the rate of fire spread.

Educating Employees & Patrons
Ensuring the building is safe against fires ultimately rests with the people who work there and those who are patrons of the business. If you work there, make sure the building is used as it is supposed to. Do not store combustibles in the furnace room. Placing something that burns against something that will burn is a perfect match, as all of the required elements are there to produce ignition.

Educate yourself and take a fire prevention or fire suppression-training course. Know your buildings detection and alarm systems and what they sound like and mean. Learn your escape routes. Understand your suppression systems. Know the answers to questions such as:
  • Are they automatic?
  • Do they have a manual override?
  • Do I know how to use them?
Your business is not only providing a service but it must also provide for the health and safety of both the staff and the customers.

For More Information

If you have any questions relating to Fire Prevention or Fire Services offered please contact the Jasper Fire Department at 780 852-1595.