Support Services

A key to Community Outreach Services’ success is its comprehensive, accessible and inclusive nature. It is truly a one-stop shop in the community where anybody may come for any number of reasons.

Outreach Workers
  • Respond to a variety of needs in a non-judgmental way
  • Connect people to practical supports such as the food bank, income support and parenting programs
  • Provide advocacy through complex systems
  • Offer problem-solving and goal-setting
  • Make supportive home visits
  • Offer welcoming and inclusive community programs and events
  • Ensure confidentiality

"I am just so happy that the community has the resources to help me like it did. Nowhere else in Alberta or British Columbia did I get the knowledge and support that I did in Jasper." - COS Client

Looking for a specific outreach worker's contact information? View the Staff Directory for a listing of all outreach workers.