In-School Programming (Grade 7-12)

Grab 'n Go

Community Outreach Services, together with Alberta Health Services and the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre, provide a healthy snack every Wednesday afternoon (on school days) to all Junior/Senior High School and Ecole Desrochers students in Jasper. 

Youth Community Helpers

Youth Community Helpers is a a group of teens lead by Outreach Worker, Anna DeClercq. The group is comprised of a network of teens who are interested in helping their friends. Youth Community Helpers learn a variety of techniques and strategies that they can use to support friends or family members. The group also organizes a variety of initiatives throughout the school year that benefit the student body and the community as a whole. Youth Community Helpers is behind the Elephant in the Room campaign (aiming to reduce stigma and increase awareness around mental health) and the Trick or Eat campaign which sees teens collecting food bank donations at Halloween - raising awareness about the issues of hunger and food security while, at the same time, giving their time to support a local organization. 

Community Helpers Training

This one-day workshop is offered by Community Outreach Services to both youth/teens and as well to adults in a slightly different format. The Youth Community Helpers Training is offered periodically throughout the year and facilitated by Outreach Worker, Anna DeClercq. The training covers: knowing when others need help, mental health, depression, suicide, the helping skill, limits and strategies and local resources. The training is $20 per person and includes lunch. The training can be offered on request. Please contact Anna directly with inquiries: or 780-852-6543 

Jasper's Elephant in The Room Campaign

Inspired by a national mental health awareness campaign, Jasper's Elephant in The Room initiative aims to reduce stigma associated with Mental Health Issues while, at the same time, raising awareness, acceptance and compassion for individuals and families affected by mental health. The campaign specifically sees youth identify adults in the community who they feel are "safe" to talk to about mental health. These adults are given a blue elephant to display. The campaign promotes mental health awareness. 

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Community Outreach Services' Outreach Worker, Anna DeClercq, coordinates the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) which promotes acceptance and support to the teen gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender/questioning (GLBTQ) community. The GSA is active within the Junior/Senior High School and Ecole Desrochers, organizing events, campaigns and programs that engage the student body and promote a welcoming and inclusive school community.

Youth Volunteer Appreciation Event

Each year, Community Outreach Services organizes a fun event that celebrates the youth and teens in the community who have spent time volunteering over the year. The event usually includes a meal and some form of entertainment or group activity. The event shows appreciation and encourages youth to continue giving back to their community.