The Jasper Community Team Society

JCTS Opens in new windowThe Jasper Community Team Society (JCTS) is a registered non-profit organization with charitable and society status. The JCTS supports local programs and events that inspire community connection and enhance the well-being of Jasperites.

The JCTS works closely with the Municipality of Jasper's Community and Family Services (CFS) Department to build a supportive, inclusive and engaging community. CFS engages agencies, businesses and community members in regular Community Conversations about the wellbeing of Jasperites of all ages.    

Each month, The JCTS' Board of Directors discusses the trends and opportunities that were talked about during Community Conversations. The Society is then able to seek grant funding that can assist CFS in offering additional programs, services, initiatives or events that address those trends. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Community Conversations

Every month, Jasper Community Team members get together in four, life-stage specific Community Conversations to share perspectives, identify social priorities and brainstorm solutions to complex challenges the community is facing. Through discussion, JCT members work together to come up with innovative, made in Jasper initiatives that support residents. 

Step 2: Support and Fund Community Programs

Using the Jasper Community Team’s input, the Jasper Community Team Society can then apply for grant funding to implement the concepts developed by the JCT. Grants received result in additional programs, services, events or initiatives that enhance wellbeing for Jasperites across the life-span. 

Step 3: Administer Community Programs

The Municipality of Jasper’s CFS Department will usually oversee those grant-funded special projects. In some instances, the grants do stay with the JCTS and the JCTS has some capacity to administer smaller projects as well. 

What it means in the community: 

The JCTS is able to apply for grants for which the Municipality of Jasper may not qualify, maximizing our ability as a community, to utilize external grant funding to bolster wellbeing and resilience here in Jasper. 

As a community, this system ensures that we are keeping a finger on our own pulse as a community. It also sets us up to think about building resilience and preventing more complex challenges, rather than simply reacting when issues arise. 

JCTS Programs & Projects

Caring Community Fund

The Caring Community Fund (CCF) is a fund of last resort to help clients of Community Outreach Services overcome small but significant barriers to their well being. To access the fund, recipients must be connected to a COS Outreach Worker and the request must be approved by the COS Manager.

Within the CCF, there are subcategories:

  • Mental Health Crisis Fund
  • Disaster Social Services Fund
  • Child & Youth Participation Fund

The CCF has been utilized to address a variety of different barriers. As an example, the Caring Community Fund was used to purchase steel-toe boots, allowing a community member who couldn’t afford to purchase their own to start a new career and be better able to support their family.

Santas Anonymous                                                                                       

Jasper’s Santas Anonymous program is run by The Jasper Community Team Society. The program allows Jasperites to share the magic of the holiday season with neighbours and fellow community members who may not otherwise be able to take part. The program supports more than 60 local families each year.

Cash, cheque or gift card donations can be made to the Jasper Community Team Society at 627 Patricia Street, open Monday to Friday 9am-4:30pm.
E-transfer: . If you send an e-transfer, please e-mail us at the same address to receive a charitable donation receipt. If we do not receive a request, receipts will not be processed.

Follow Santas Anonymous Jasper AB on Facebook for information on events and opportunities to participate in the campaign.