Diverse. Inclusive. Together

Jasper Community DinnerWhat can I do in my community to be more inclusive?

1. Watch the Jasper `Diverse. Inclusive. Together.’ animation and share it with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Discuss your thoughts. Ask respectful questions. Learn more.

2. Watch you language. A common language can help us avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Here are some Terms to Get Started.

3. Read the Snapshots of Groups at risk of Exclusion in our community.

4. Think about the people you interact with every day; at work, at school, at play and in your neighbourhood and ask:

  • Who is not included?
  • Why are they excluded?
  • What can I do differently to ensure inclusion in my community?

5. If you are a business or organization, make your operating space a Safe Space by joining the Safe Space initiative.

6. Commit to supporting Diversity and Inclusion by signing a Diversity Pledge at a community event. Diversity pledges will be collected and put on display, showcasing our community’s commitment to Diversity.

7. Watch and share to your social media these videos about Diversity and Inclusion. Show your commitment and promote discussion.