Sidewalk Seating & Retail Area Extension

Sidewalk Seating & Retail Area Extension Permit

To promote the safety of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide more space for Jasper businesses to operate within the current regulations, the Municipality of Jasper is allowing businesses to expand their sidewalk seating or retail displays for the summer of 2021 by using the parking lane in front of their business in one of the following ways:  

  • Use the whole sidewalk in front of the property for customer seating or retail displays, and divert the sidewalk into the parking lane, or
  • Use the parking lane for customer seating or displaying products. 

Below are links to the permit application and a guide to help you complete your application. Please read both carefully before submitting by email to the Bylaw Department. The sidewalk seating fee remains unchanged from 2020 ($100 application fee plus $25 per seat). 

Businesses who wish to start their patios before May 1 should reach out to to fast track their application process. Businesses who participated in the program in previous years should have already received this information by email.

Sidewalk Seating & Retail Area Extension Application Guide (PDF)

Sidewalk Seating & Retail Area Extension Permit Application Form (PDF)


Please email the Bylaw Department at   

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