Measuring Municipal Inclusion

Jasper’s Measuring Municipal Inclusion project focuses on developing internal Inclusion and Diversity within the Municipality of Jasper. Measuring Municipal Inclusion functions as part of the ongoing efforts to create optimal well-being for community members from all backgrounds, abilities and orientations. 

Monthly Inclusion Resources:

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How does Measuring Municipal Inclusion Work?

The Measuring Municipal Inclusion project involves 3 phases: 

  1. Engaging council and Administration to assess our organizational level of inclusion 
  2. Implementing an action plan that focuses on areas for improvements as identified in Phase 1
  3. Follow up on a survey conducted in Phase 1 and present results from the project 

The project has 4 main objectives 

1. Establish a Municipal Inclusion Committee. 

Action update: The internal Municipal Inclusion Committee launched in Spring 2020 and has engaged various municipal staff including 2 elected officials, 3 from the senior leadership team, 3 from the management level, 1 from CUPE and 6 front-line staff. The committee has drafted 3 policies 

2. Coordinate and offer inclusion training 

Action update: Two free training opportunities have been offered: Gender Based Analysis training and webinars through The Centre for Race and Culture in Edmonton. Members have also been offered Inclusion at Work training through Norquest College, as well as training on Strategies for Improving Work Culture Using an Equity Mindset. 

3. Conduct an accessibility and inclusion audit 

Action update: Apex Access Consultants completed an accessibility audit in November 2020 that is being reviewed to identify areas for improvement.

4. Draft broad recommendations to be shared with council  

Action update: Council has approved the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy and has directed aministration to return to council with a plan for policy implementation. The Inclusion Committee is currently developing an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan.