Neighbourhood Connectors

Neighbourhood Connectors is an initiative of the Municipality of Jasper that engages individuals in neighbourhoods all over Jasper in fostering connections between neighbours in their area. The Connectors do this through opportunities that are designed to enhance neighbourly relationships and build a strong sense of belonging.

Who are Neighbourhood Connectors?

Neighbourhood Connectors are renters or home owners. They are brand new to Jasper or longer term residents. At the core, they are committed volunteers and individuals who care about the community.

The Benefits of the Neighbour Relationship are far-reaching:

• “Neighbourhoods are a framework in which environmentally sustainable action is possible. The literature shows that the better connected members are to their community the more likely they are to be involved in environmentally sustainable behaviours.”

• “Maintaining strong neighbouring relations was essential to both disaster preparedness and post-disaster relief. The type of support found within a neighbourhood is different compared to family relations, and during a disaster we are most likely to look to our neighbours for support and supplies.”

• “An individual who had strong neighbouring relations was more likely to have better mental health, and sense of support and would therefore be more likely to stay in their neighbourhood for a long time.”

• “As individuals become more involved in their community, and engage with their neighbours, they feel more attached to their neighbourhood and are less likely to leave. As a result, they will foster an environment in which others will want to stay as well.”

How does this work?

The Municipality of Jasper supports neighbourhood connectors through a “Connectors Corner” group on Facebook and an email group for folks who are not on Facebook. The Municipality of Jasper shares multiple opportunities each year for connectors to utilize to engage their neighbours. Neighbourhood Connectors also stay in touch and network with each other. They share resources, success stories and ideas as well as provide mutual support.

Consider signing up! To learn more, contact Community Development: or 780-852-6540.