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If an evacuation is ordered, Jasper Emergency Social Services will set up Assembly Points in town for people that need help evacuating. A Reception Centre will be set up in an outside community, not affected by the emergency, for evacuees to go to. Locations of ESS Facilities will be included in emergency notifications.

Keep a full tank of gas in your vehicle at all times and have an emergency kit ready to go!

Evacuation alerts

Remember the difference between an Evacuation Alert and an Evacuation Order: 

Evacuation Alert:

An Evacuation Alert tells people to prepare for an evacuation. If you are ready to go and can evacuate early, please do so.

Evacuation Order:

An Evacuation Order tells people to evacuate immediately. This may happen in circumstances where there is little or no time to notify, or following an Evacuation Alert.

If an emergency is in progress but no evacuation is required, information updates will be provided. If you have to evacuate, make a plan to go visit family or friends who live outside of Jasper, or go camping!

How to evacuate

Evacuation Zones

Jasper has been divided into several evacuation zones. Know which zone you live in, which zone your children attend school in, and which zone you work in. First responders will use these zones to identify which parts of town must be evacuated. Evacuation zones may be specified, but during an event like a large wildfire, a community-wide evacuation is more likely to happen.


Have a plan in place before an evacuation. If you don't have a vehicle, ask a friend, neighbour or colleague if you can travel with them in the event of an evacuation. If you need transportation, go to an Assembly Point. Dress for the weather and bring your emergency kit. Keep in mind that you may not be able to return to your home.

Help out!

If you have a vehicle and can take a passenger, stop by an assembly point on your way out. The Municipality of Jasper will organize transportation for people who are gathered at the assembly points.