Host Your Own Community Conversation

Host Your Own Community Conversation:

Host Your Own Community Conversation is an initiative the Municipality organizes with support from Alberta Health Services - Better Together. 

We recognize that not everybody can attend Community Conversations because of the time of day or the language the conversation is in. That said, we know that everyone's perspective is important so we actively seek input from folks who may not be able to participate in the scheduled monthly Community Conversations.  

We would like to invite anyone to Host Your Own Community Conversation and share your unique perspective. The conversation can take place anytime in a language and location that works for your participants. We will provide administrative support, help facilitating if you would prefer and snacks to motivate participation. 

Email Lisa Riddell at to learn more! 

We want to hear from YOU!  

1). What do you like about living in Jasper?

2). What challenges do you face living in Jasper?

3). What could make life in Jasper even better?

Through this initiative, you can apply to host your own Community Conversation at a time of day that works for you and in a language of your choice. Your conversation can take place in-person or on Zoom.  

The goals of this initiative are: 

  • To gain insight into the experiences of a diverse range of groups in the community who may not have the schedule or availability to attend a regular monthly community conversation.
  • To make the process of sharing one’s own experiences less reliant on speaking or understanding English. 
  • To engage the voices and perspectives of a diverse range of residents to inform and influence the community in which they live, work and play.

How it works: 

Apply to host your own community conversation by contacting Community Development. Spots are limited so you must register with Lisa Riddell to receive gift cards for your participants.

In your email, explain what group of people you hope to engage and why. Examples of groups engaged in the past: neighbourhood groups, staff/workplace groups, youth and teens, new parents, English language learners, seniors, cultural groups etc. 


  • You will receive a conversation guide that walks you through recording attendees and feedback from participants. 
  • Choose a time and date for the conversation and secure RSVPs from between 5 and 10 participants.  

Host the conversation: 

  • Record attendees’ information (name is not required) and take notes on what people share in response to the three questions. *Community Development can assist with facilitation and note taking if you would like. 

After the conversation: 

  • Submit your notes from the conversation back to Lisa and Community Development will reimburse you for up to $10 per person in food.

*The Host Your Own Community Conversation initiative is funded by Alberta Health Services – Better Together and the Municipality of Jasper.