Jasper Activity Centre Renovation Project

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Fitness Centre
Aquatic Centre
Activity Centre


In 2019 the Municipality of Jasper secured provincial and federal grant funding towards a major renovation of the Activity Centre, Arena, and Fitness & Aquatic facilities.
In 2021, Council budgeted $1,056,228 for design and engineering related to the facilities, and an additional $200,000 for a Structural Review of the Fitness & Aquatic Centre. In August 2021, Council awarded Project Management services on the renovation to WSP and in December 2022, Council selected GEC Architecture as the prime consultant.

On May 3, 2022, Council approved the project scope which included a total of approximately $14 million dollars in items. Most recently in July 2022, Council awarded the Construction Management services contract to Carlson Construction. 

As part of project approvals, the Municipality of Jasper is working with the Parks Canada development office, and will be presenting to the Planning and Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) to request a variance on the number of parking stalls and staff accommodation bedrooms required by Parks Canada for the project. The Municipality of Jasper has not included staff accommodation bedrooms in any of the plans for the Jasper Activity Centre Renovation Project. For more information regarding this, please contact the Parks Canada Development Office at jasperdevelopment@canada.ca


Project Timeline & Information
Check back often for the most up-to-date information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What We're Doing:

  • In the Activity Centre Lobby, a new elevator to make our building inclusive and accessible. This will come with a new front desk.

  • At the Activity Centre/Arena, a safe and accessible makeover of the main entry plaza to be more welcoming and inviting.

  • In the Arena, renovation of the existing, and addition of new inclusive and accessible dressing rooms.

  • In the Fitness and Aquatic Centre changerooms, a whole new setup of many private, inclusive and accessible rooms.

  • In addition to the above, many unseen “back-of-house” replacement of 50-year-old mechanical items for safety and longevity.

What To Expect:

  • The Fitness Centre is not scheduled to close, however the Aquatic Centre and changerooms will close in Fall 2023 for approximately 3 months.

  • Wildflowers Childcare Centre and Out of School Care entry doors will change for June through to October.

  • The Multi-Purpose Hall is not scheduled to close, however there will be construction noise impacts to consider when booking, and the Activity Centre Lobby entrance will change.

  • Facility Orientation Signage will be noticeable and understandable.

  • This information will be updated as conditions change, check in our lobbies and this page often!