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Starting a Business

Looking to start a business in town? Great! Jasper loves local businesses and welcomes new ones. There are a couple of local organizations that can help you get going and they also offer support to existing businesses. 

Starting a Business in Jasper

If you want to start a business in Canada, there are some rules that need to be followed. In Jasper, there are two levels of government that you need to work with to start your business. The federal government, Parks Canada, oversees the business application approval process and the local government, the Municipality of Jasper, oversees business licenses in the townsite. 

Step 1

Get a business license. To do this, your business must be approved by Parks Canada. Email a description of your business. Include where it will be located, the area you will service and any other important information. 

Step 2

If your business is approved, you will be asked for the sub lease agreement between you and the landlord of the building your business will be in. 

Step 3

If your business isn’t on the list of approved businesses for your location, you may have to go through Parks Canada’s Planning and Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) for permission to operate. 

Step 4

Get the following documents: 

  • Parks Canada Compliance Inspection (done by Parks at business location)
  • Fire Safety Code Inspection (done through the Municipal Fire Chief)
  • Health Inspection (if serving food, done through Alberta Health)
  • Certification of Commercial Liability Insurance (with a minimum of $2 million) 
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Status or registration of business with the Province (Alberta Registries)
  • Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) number

Step 5

Apply for a business license with either the Municipality, Parks Canada or both. 

  • If you are only operating within the town boundary, apply for a business licence from the Municipality of Jasper. 
  • If you are only operating outside of the town boundary, apply for a business licence from Parks Canada. 
  • If you are operating in both jurisdictions, obtain a business licence from Parks Canada as well as from the Municipality of Jasper. 

You can apply for a business license in person at Parks Canada (607 Connaught Drive), in person at the Municipality of Jasper Administration Office (303 Pyramid Lake Road) or online through the Municipality of Jasper website: Application for a Business

Support for businesses in Jasper

Community Futures West Yellowhead (CFWY)

The CFWY office helps people start and run small businesses. Most of their services are free or low cost. They can help you:

  • Get small business loans
  • Train owners and staff
  • Get to know other business owners
  • Use online tools to write a business plan

 Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce (JPCC)

JPCC brings the business community together to find common goals by: