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    Subscribe to the Alert Centre

    NEW for 2018 - subscribe to the Municipality of Jasper Alert Centre to receive emergency notifications by text or email. You will receive a confirmation text or email once registration is complete. Subscribe to Alert Centre
  2. Town of Jasper

    Mobile Home Replacement Following a Wildfire

    The Municipality of Jasper and Parks Canada have formally agreed that in the event of an involuntary removal of a mobile home - due to a wildfire, for example - a mobile home may be replaced with a new mobile home. Read the News Release (PDF)
  3. Evacuation guide cover

    Jasper Evacuation Guide

    Be wildfire ready: know the risks, make a plan and get a kit. Download the guide to get started. Jasper Evacuation Guide 2018 (PDF)
  4. news_fireban

    Fire Ban LIFTED for the Jasper town site

    Effective July 3, 2018, the Municipality of Jasper is lifting its fire ban for the Jasper town site. Jasper National Park has also lifted its fire ban due to a recent increase in relative humidity. Please check the JNP website for current information.
  5. Thank You

    Thank You - Canada Day Pancake Breakfast Sponsors

    The Municipality of Jasper would like to thank the businesses and organizations who generously donated to the Canada Day Pancake Breakfast Read on...
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