1. waterslide

    Waterslide and Curling Rink receive provincial funding

    The Friends of Jasper Culture & Recreation Society received $200,000 to help replace the waterslide, while the Jasper Curling Club received $296,095 for facility upgrades. Read on...
  2. Municipality of Jasper

    Subscribe to the Alert Centre

    NEW for 2018 - subscribe to the Municipality of Jasper Alert Centre to receive emergency notifications by text or email. You will receive a confirmation text or email once registration is complete. Read on...
  3. News3.jpg

    Have an idea to name the exchange lands?

    Forward your suggestion to a municipal councillor by April 23. Read on...
  4. news_downtown.jpg

    Council approves 2018 operating budget

    Council approved the 2018 Operating Budget in the amount of $22.5 M, with $7.6 M to be levied from local taxpayers, representing a 5.07% increase from the 2017 municipal budget, when a 1.2% increase was implemented. Read on...
  5. Turn On Your Water Bleeder

    Avoid Frozen Water Lines - Turn On Your Water Bleeder

    If your home or business has a water line bleeder, please ensure it is turned on. Warmer temperatures actually drive the frost further into the ground. Read on...
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