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Programs for Adults

What’s Happening In Jasper? 

Check out the Community Calendar to stay up to date on events, programs and activities happening in Jasper.

Learn more about life in Jasper from the Community Guide (Coming soon!) and through the Information and Resources hub on our website. 

This page outlines programs offered by the Municipality of Jasper. 

For a list of community groups, programs and boards you can be part of in Jasper, visit the Community Groups page. 

JasperLIFE Program

Contact: Ian Goodge at

This program offers events, activities, clubs and workshops for adults in Jasper. JasperLIFE creates connections and helps newcomers experience life in Jasper. 

Coffee Connections

Contact: Janeen Keelan at

This program is a casual, drop-in meeting that happens Mondays and Wednesdays in the Activity Centre. Between 1 and 3PM we encourage anyone to stop by for a free coffee and have a chat with some folks in the community.

Emergency Social Services (Year-Round)

Contact: Leanne Pelletier at

During an active emergency, Municipal staff and volunteers are tasked with taking care of the people affected by it. We call this service Emergency Social Services (ESS). 

ESS considers food, shelter, transportation, health and safety needs. This includes support for people who do not speak English and people with physical or mental disabilities. Read more about preparing for an emergency.


If you are interested in helping in ESS during an emergency, contact Leanne Pelletier at

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (Year-Round)

Contact: Community Outreach Services (COS) at 780-852-2100

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) recruits and trains volunteers to prepare income tax and benefit returns for people with a simple tax situation. 

Each year, local volunteers complete between 40-50 tax returns. To access the program, contact Community Outreach Services. 


If you are interested in volunteering for the CVITP, contact Leanne Pelletier at